Seeds in the Heart is a registered organization that works with underprivileged communities to promote access to Education for children in North India, specifically in Rishikesh. It started three years ago with a dream looking for ways to help some children, some families and at the same time, showing children in other parts of the world the spirituality of the Indian and to these, bring them the material help that they need. Now, we work broadly in three sectors, Education, Livelihood and Awareness. We channelize resources to the ones that have an important social impact. We work with children and women and our work reach their communities transforming the lives of them.


Our Misson

There are a lot,
some are as follows

We promote access to education for children for their personal development and that of their Community, helping to achieve a world in which children can grow free from abuse and with equal opportunities.

Our Vision

Helping Each &
Every Community

As an organization made up of volunteers and this being their main strength, we are committed to working for a world in which all children can receive education for their personal development and that of their Community.


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Seeds in the Heart is a cooperative organization for development and humanitarian action whose main action is to provide access to education for children in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Rishiskesh in India.