There are already many companies that are convinced that collaboration between non-profit organizations and the business sector is possible and its benefits to society and that is why they feel responsible for providing help to the most disadvantaged.

As a company, in addition to the donation, you can collaborate through the financing of one of our projects, organize activities, solidarity events, etc. Other ways to collaborate include: transfer of services, sponsor events, promote our organization in your company, organize a fundraising campaign, training, etc. all your help contributes to an improvement of our performance

Sponsor Solidarity Events: sponsor us an event to raise funds: sports, culture, art, awareness talks etc, promote our organization Help us to promote our work among your employees and clients by spreading our message on your website, headquarters, magazine, etc.

Finance a Project: Collaborate economically one of our projects or part of it: start-up of a school, school material, facilities, new projects related to our areas of action. –

Solidarity Campaign: Create your own fundraising campaign and become a Seed Ambassador. We have some initiatives of collaborators that have created solidarity movements in their make our communitiesaware of the needs of some groups. These actions are a way to society and bring society closer to other realities and raise funds for our educational projects.

In addition, volunteers help in different areas: social networks, events, fund raising campaigns, awareness and awareness talks, legal advice, marketing and sales, search for funding, training.