Project No. 1


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Based on this idea, Education is the center of action of Seeds in the Heart; the tool that we believe will be most effective, so children and women will be able to opt for a better future. Our contribution in this field is through three main projects.

These are scattered villages, located in the mountains of northern India in a nature reserve. The school closest to the first village is several kilometers away with a difficult and dangerous crossing due to wild animals and floods during the rainy season, reason why the great majority of children from these settlements have not had access to such a fundamental right how is education Driven by the desire to respect the habitat and custom of the villages, in addition to the need to overcome the limitation of their location and dissemination of them, we decided to create in situ a place to learn. A local teacher attends every day and school supplies and books are provided. The Community of each village has facilitated spaces that have been enabled thanks to the collaborative work of its inhabitants. There are currently six villages where more than 250 students receive Hindi and English classes 7 teachers go up to the villages to teach them 5 hours of daily classes from Monday to Saturday. We also contribute with punctual help to families.

New project to open bookstores in some schools where they provide us with a space for it. We will provide small story books in Hindi. We need for the start-up of the project: cabinets for the villages for the correct conservation of the books in extreme weather conditions, shelves for the Rishikesh school and a teacher

Children are the beneficiaries of a quality integral artistic education in Hindi and English, which is fundamental for their full development and for opportunities for the future. Every day, 7 days a week, for two hours, children come to learn to paint and dance. Space began with 32 children and today there are 140 children, so we had to establish shifts since we do not currently have an additional space. On the other hand, we are hoping to have resources to be able to teach music lessons.

Now after the monsoon season and due to the heavy rains, the Space with Art cannot be used since the building needs major reforms. We are looking for a new place where we can continue teaching artistic classes and look for any help in this sense that allow us to continue with the activities

The twinning between schools in India and Spain involves approaching children from the reality of another country, the perception of other ways of living, of other cultures. It is intended to involve parents and teachers in a process of exchange of experiences and whose main objective is the promotion of solidarity among peoples, establishing a relationship of complementarity and reciprocity. The exchange of letters is an initiative that also helps to awaken interest in other cultures in children. Number of schools in India: 7 & Number of schools in Spain: 2