Emergency support to more than 160 families

Seeds in the Heart started soon after the lock down begun, to implement some emergency actions related to COVID19.  To support vulnerable communities is crucial in times of COVID19,  so we started to distribute basic food (rasan). We concluded two weeks ago  the emergency support for more than 160 families (mora than 650 people) in remote and slum areas. We have distributed food following to important goals:

  1. Maintain social distance and  not being Seeds in the Heart staff and the members of communities in risk since  some of the beneficiaries of the help live far away from town.
  2. Support livehood of families in remote areas  in this moment when their economies are affected.

We are in contact with the Communities where we develop our education projects  and through them we know that the boys and girls miss their teachers and daily education they have been receiving every day.

We want to thank you for support the projects that we develop, especially in this situation of COVID19 when the communities and children who directly benefit from the work of Seeds in the Heart, feel more vulnerable.

We have taken some measures in our budget in  the expenses side to focus now our effort on our basic projects.

We continue to need your support to help many other families in our communities where the Seed projects are located, which continue to need food after 56 days of lockdown today.

We wish you all the best and we send you much encouragement.

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