Online Education in Coronavirus time

 The closure of schools due to the COVID-19 lockdown was specially hard for our students and their families. Children  no longer  could welcome every day their teachers  in  their villages and they were again suffering the lack of education in these remote areas.  Our students missed their teacher and their daily school work.  The communities called their school-teacher asking for materials and activities to keep children engage with their learning with the help of the older students.

The closuredown of educational institutions during COVID-19 crisis has kept 1.3 billion children out of school all over the world according to United Nations. Technology plays an importante role in this lockdown situation since it permits to study and work from home. In India, some private schools are using online teaching methods. Nevertheless, low-income private and government schools may not able to adopt online teaching methods so they have not access to e-learning solutions and those children  are completely  out of education during the lockdown.

The COVID-19 crisis is a disrupting event in the children´s education specially for the children in villages in remote areas.  The disruption of the education, in the  remote areas where we develops our education project, has  a great risk of school dropout due to  children community work help or for early marriages.

Despite all the difficulties that the education project is facing due to the closure of the schools due to lock down, we manage to continue with online education in village. We had to face some inconvenience such as not having network coverage in some of  the villages, no electricity, only one or two telephones are available and many students are between level 1 and 4 so it is more difficult for them to follow any activity by phone.  Finally, thanks to the work and effort of our teachers and the help of the families, children in village are receiving instructions and following some of the schools activities.  Teachers  guide the adolescents girls and boys to help them with the activities with the youngest one. Basically, teachers are also training the adolescents who become  the students´s monitors. Teachers keep daily track of the activities and the attendance of the students. 

The current situation has not precedent, so it provides very important lessons and it is an opportunity to reinvent education methodology: we are all learning each day new ways and methods of learning. Technology is not longer a luxury good, connectivity should reach remotest and poorest communities. Teachers are reinventing what and how to teach in this situation so self learning is being encourage to students. The closure of schools is reminding all that  in any educational method it is very important  to work  more with parents to equip them for their role in this new scenario. Parents are engaged in this  new method of learning and assuming an increasing role in this learning. 

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