Reading Program

Story-telling session

Last saturday, At Seeds in the Heart we launched a Reading program: Library Development program (LDP) in collaboration with @ShareAbookIndia Association. The program aims to set up libraries in schools and give access to children to books to enjoy and imagine with their experience. Literacy skills are very important for children gain progress in their lives and reading develops those skills. The Reading program uses different methodology to keep track of the progress in children reading skills.

  1. Keeping track of the books children read.
  2. Acquiring new vocabulary, children improves communication skills.
  3. Testing children reading comprehension by making them write a book review.
  4. Tracking the progress in interested readers during the program while becoming a reference for their community.
  5. Setting libraries in each school, so the entire school community becomes involved in the organization.

A total of nine volunteers have joined the program and became a change-maker in the lives of many children. The volunteers are running the Reading program for a period of 3 months, and will conducted a two hours sessions ever week. Volunteers undertakes the following activities in each of their school-

1.Run a library. The volunteer creates the school library committee and designs the book-circulation system according to the guidelines of the program

2.Assess the progress of the program by keeping track in a report of the children learning levels and the impact made by the program.

3. Story-Telling activities in each session to foster creativity, interest and curiostiy in children.

4. Organise activities to address diferent values and key aspects taught through the storytelling like creative writting, book review and games.

The volunteers become an educator for the children and plays an impòrtant role in the lives of them. After the firts session, our volunteers are very enthusiastic and looking forward to becoming a change in the lives of those children.

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