Project No. 2

Social & Economic Development

Women empowerment is one of are main areas and we channel our effort through three projects.

"Asmara, Yeray & Tinku" Project

We started in October 2016 with this economic development action for women. In a workshop, eight women handcrafted our solidarity doll “Asmara”, our doll Yeray and Tinku. For their work, the women of the project receive a salary with which they can contribute to the family economy.

"Didi Seeds" Project

The objective is the social and labor participation of women. Through a program of Twinning India-Spain women, women in India can access jobs in local microenterprises since part of the salary is contributed by a family / woman in Spain. We incorporate the training and labor participation of women, offering them employment and self-employment options, enhancing their microeconomies and their economic self-sufficiency, we work for the empowerment of women. We work initiatives that allow the incorporation of women into economic activity and contribute to boost their self-esteem and confidence so that they are protagonists of their decisions.