What We Do?

Our Work

The direct beneficiaries of our programs are children. The objective of all the components of the program is to avoid child labor, achieve their full integration and that, endowed with quality training, these children can opt for a better future for themselves and their Community. From Spain, we also work for the development of spirituality and awareness since childhood.

We bring Teachers and school supplies to Villages where children do not have access to education for reasons of geographical location. Our achievement is that there are already more than 250 children who can develop their skills and abilities and contribute to the development of their Community and society.

We send educational materials (pencils, notebooks, books) and basic personal belongings (brushes and toothpaste, combs, shoes, clothes) to 10 schools. We refurbished with minor works the conditioning of two-day care centers that house 30 children.

Every year after the heavy rain season after the monsoon, we carried out, with the help of the community, the rehabilitation of the spaces allocated to schools.

We provide artistic training to children, avoiding child labor of children living in disadvantaged areas. Today there are more than 150 boys and girls who come to our Space with Art.

We help the inclusion of women by providing opportunities to learn, earn income with those who contribute to the family economy and economic and social development. Today there are 12 women who work on our Asmara doll and Didi Semillas projects in India.